Dislyte Gift Codes

Dislyte is a 2027-set, turn-based adventure role-playing game. In Dislyte, you must put together a group of heroes to battle the evil that is allowed to run rampant over the city. Dislyte codes offers stunning images, a memorable soundtrack, and gameplay that is built on sound. It’s all about gathering, educating heroes (called Espers), assembling a team, and engaging in calculated combat.

Here is a list of all currently active Dislyte codes that may be used to get free in-game goodies. Gems, cube stones, supply packs, and other things are included in this. Use them as soon as you can because they are only valid for a short period of time.

Remember to bookmark this website and return frequently to find fresh codes before others since we will be updating this site with new Dislyte codes.

Dislyte Gift Codes — October 2023

  • PlayDislyte 
  • esperunion 
  • nicetoseeu 
  • DislyteYTB50k 
  • JoinDislyte
  • LingBigYong 
  • StSkiCrimax 
  • Tgtyoutube 
  • AviveHD 
  • JonTronShow 

How to redeem Dislyte Gift Codes?

  1. Launch the game, then tap the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. After a new window appears, select the Setting tab and then the Services tab.
  3. Scroll down, choose the Gift Code button, and type the Dislyte codes we gave you earlier into the textbox.
  4. Select the Confirm button to receive your reward in-game right away.

Dislyte Game Tips For Beginners

Dislyte Gift Codes

Focus on your Goal

This one is nevertheless important to note. You can farm one stage for all eternity, just like in other RPGs. Dislyte shares the same characteristic, and given that you begin playing with double the number of experience points, it can be worthwhile if you want to advance quickly.

You’ll have a lot of stamina to work with, so it’s okay to try a few stages before settling on one that you can complete successfully.

Upgrade Your Characters

The greatest level a character can achieve is determined by their current Star rating, thus if an Esper reached that level, you would need to start them up to make additional upgrades.

You require Espers (or Divina) with the same star rating as the character you want to star up (in this case, the other 4* Espers) in order to do so. You will need to concentrate on no more than one or two characters at a time because you cannot successfully enhance every single character you have from the beginning.

Until an esper’s Ability level reaches its maximum level, you can employ Spirimon to increase it.

Add Friends and Get Rewards

In Dislyte, where you can claim and give presents of Friendship points daily, friends are far more crucial than you might realise. Despite the fact that it might not seem like much, that is very helpful. You should add as many friends as you can and present or send friendship points daily since 200 friendship points can be exchanged for 1 silver record.

In order to upgrade your 3-star Espers more quickly, you can also trade 300 Friendship Points for a 3-star Divina.

Focus on Red Dots

Many menu selections will be marked with a red dot early on in the game. This implies that there will be something waiting for you to claim, such as a new challenge for a quest or an item. Since they frequently offer good rewards and can gradually teach you the rules of the game, you should let these missions and training programmes lead you through the early stages of the games.

Earn More Money

Dislyte has a variety of different currencies, each of which serves a particular role and occasionally more than one throughout the game. Each form of cash has a cap, but you can occasionally buy more or refill it.

They are as follows:

Gold is a simple-to-earn currency that is mostly used by Dislyte beginners. Gold can be used to improve the relics and make other changes.

Crystals are a valuable resource that may be used to summon creatures from Dislyte’s Echo system.

Because you need stamina for all of the game modes, stamina is the main resource that will be spent during the game.

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