Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes 2023

Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes Provides you the great advantage to reach the extreme level without any hurdles. These cheat codes gave you Unlimited rewards and long life. You have to use these cheat commands with the help of the console command that I tried to describe to you completely in this article

What is Console Command?

A console is a command-line tool (cheat codes)  that allows you to change the settings and parameters of a computer game while it is playing. In addition, consoles often display a log of errors, failures, and other messages generated during the program’s operation.

Console Commands are a diagnostic tool. It is used by PC users may use to add a wide range of capabilities to the game. The Page Up and Page Down keys can be used to navigate results from commands. It can be extended outside the terminal window area.

How to Use Console Command?

Add the line 1 console to enable the console! debug check DEBUG BUILD console!; debug check-in boot.df file, which may be found here:

To open the console, use the [Tilde] key.

Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes with tips and tricks provide you more chances to win the game

Console Commands or Cheat Codes — May 2023

  • mission{ siege-over }                              Any battle is put to a quick end.
  • pchar X add-bullet/rifle/shell           Unlimited Ammo
  • X pchar.STAT!                                           Unlimited Points
  • vl WEAPON                                               Dump weapons.
  • foo .drift                                                       Spawn in the middle of the room
  • regiondef{ traderhere }                        Spawn a trader.
  • X LOOT_FOO pchar .lootamt!          Add to the character.
  • pchar.SPECCHARify                             Get a special character.
  • gstats{ X zombop+! }                           Adds X amount of Zombo Points.
  • regiondef{ trader inside }                    Spawn a trader in the center of the room.
  • road{ foo }                                                 Special characters or common events.
  • road{ trade event }                                 Start a trade camp event
  • vl zomb, vl skel                                        Dump something?
  • char-gen to recruitee recruited       Quick road recruit.
  • X trunk-foo+                                             Add to trunk.
  • road{ X to road-trip-days }                Set road trip days.
  • road{ 15 to road-trip-days tradeevent } – Final camp.
  • roomgen{ X .zombspawn }                 Spawn X zombies.

Tips & Tricks of Death Road to Canada

Fighting Mode

Set your squad’s AI to “Fightin'” mode so that they may actively participate in the battle. Other than that, they’ll only attack if a zombie crosses their path.

Take Unbreakable weapons

Some of the game’s most common weapons are indestructible, so if you discover one you like, you won’t have to worry about backups. Common tools include hammers, bolts, tire irons, saucepans, and pipes.

Medical And Mechanical Use

Even if you run out of medical supplies, Maxed out Medical will allow you to recuperate.
Maxed out Mechanical allows you to fix your automobile indefinitely.

Good Shooting

Shooting is a fantastic option for characters with low Strength and Stamina, as well as during invasions when you need to keep assaulting even if you’re exhausted.

 Use Furniture during the fight

Throwing furniture is a legitimate technique in the game since it allows you to knock down a row of zombies, typically killing a couple of them outright with numerous strikes.
Strength is important since it impacts melee attack rate and damage, and it will be your primary attack option for the majority of the game. While having a good level of fitness is crucial, I like to enhance my strength whenever I can.

Take Unbreakable Flashlight

If a scene takes place at night, make sure the character you’re commanding has a flashlight. You don’t need to equip it; simply having it in your backpack provides some illumination. If you offer the flashlight to an AI-controlled character, they’ll probably do idiotic things like use it as a weapon and shatter it. You can use it as a weapon, try to purchase it.

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