Dead Trigger 2 Cheat Codes

Dead Trigger 2 Cheat Codes: Dead Trigger 2 is exactly the kind of game you’ll want to play during the darkest months of the year (Halloween, for instance). With a wide array of weapons, your job in this mobile first-person shooter is to clear the planet of those zombie hordes.

Dead Trigger 2 Latest Cheat Codes — October 2023

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How to redeem Dead Trigger 2 Cheat Codes?

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Dead Trigger 2 Tips & Tricks

Dead Trigger 2 Cheat Codes

Use the Tapjoy Offer Wall that’s been hidden.

To sustain your zombie-killing habits, you’ll want to make as many free gold coins as possible. Accept the “Register for Tapjoy” offer to accomplish this. A new pop-up offer wall will appear on the screen when you register.

Make the most of the free apps that appear on the second, secret wall. Start, stop, and reload Dead Trigger 2. You’ll get some gold to keep you pleased until you’ve finished looking out all those free offers you downloaded.

Headshots to the Zombies

In first-person shooters, headshots are always the greatest option, and that’s precisely what you want to accomplish in this one. If you can kill a zombie with a headshot, you’ll earn extra gold coins, and if you can get multiple headshots in a row, you’ll be rich in no time.

Where Can I Find More Blueprints?

Looking for more blueprints? The solution is actually fairly straightforward, however, the zombies you’ll be fighting are a little more difficult than regular zombies. Minibosses, as they are known, are the only zombies who drop blueprint parts when killed.

Make an effort to defeat all of the minibosses, and if necessary, stay near zombie spawn locations to attract more of them. Additional blueprints were destroyed by more minibosses.

Keep a large supply of pain relievers on hand.

Painkillers may make all the difference in a game. Each painkiller not only restores a percentage of your health but also slows downtime for one or two seconds at a time. Furthermore, if you take painkillers before you suffer any damage, your health restore regardless of how bad it is, therefore it’s theoretically feasible to take so many painkillers that your health will rise to 1,000.

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