Darkest AFK Tier List

Darkest afk tier list: A role-playing game called Darkest Dungeon was launched globally in 2016. In the game, you can select many heroes, divided into various classes according to their nature and skill sets. For your team, you must pick four of them. You will be dropped into a dark world when the game first begins. It would be best to investigate this world’s most profound darkness, where there is darkness everywhere. As you go along, you’ll encounter many more heroes you can recruit for your team.

There may be opponents who will try to kill them, so be prepared. You will fight them in a turn-based conflict where you will have equal time and opportunities to counter the adversary. The heroes can battle because of their particular films and magic abilities. You can take a little break in the room after killing them to gain health points. The video game Darkest Dungeon is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Darkest afk tier list

There are five groups into which the Darkest Dungeon game’s characters can be divided.

  • Tier S – Overpowered
  • Tier A – Balanced
  • Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
  • Tier D – Underpowered

Darkest afk tier list S

Darkest AFK Tier List

Tilion: I think Tilion is the best running hero. At the very end, you’ll need him desperately. All team members’ ability to reduce cooldowns is just overpowering and crucial, and they can debuff foes to do even more damage to them.

Nur’Zak: In the early stages of Darkest AFK, Nur’Zak is a difficult choice, but don’t be deceived! His low basic HP numbers and lack of stats on his totems are problems with him before Level 200, and he will scale much better after that.

Tao: Since the changes, he received a few balance updates; Tao has become his own and is currently an excellent option.

Zi’uk is a fantastic damage dealer and a wise investment. It has always belonged in this tier, and it still does.

Marylee is great, and every player in Darkest AFK should build her; thus, I don’t think we need much more telling about her.

Rose is S Tier; however, she must partner with heroes from the top tiers to maintain her variability. She needs that chemistry to excel in Darkest AFK. If you use her with weak heroes, this will not happen. Instead, she feeds that 20 Energy Talent into strong characters like Tao, Lilith, Zu’uk, or Marylee, and the entire performance can soar.

Harumi: With the last balancing update, Harumi received a much-needed repair and has since improved outside her already powerful combinations with Tilion and Ja Van.

Darkest AFK Tier List

Morrigan: Although Morrigan has a good kit and performs well, she scales slightly worse than other S-Tier players. Therefore I may soon rank her a little lower.

Lilith: In addition to having some silence and doing decent damage, Lilith also has some enemy debuffing. Works well, is dependable, and is enduring.

Ridael: With the most recent talents and skills, Ridael gains excellent uptime, and to do that. He needs the right equipment, level, and rarity.

Violet: In terms of how fully maxed out, Violet must be to scale in the end-game content truly. She is essentially the same as Ridael.

Gabriella gains a lot from her third talent’s HP %, and the more it is maxed out, the more she will assist. She works incredibly well with Nur’Zak and Tilion to become one of the most concrete tanks in Darkest AFK when she is maxed out.

Ja Van scales significantly after Level 200, so you must include him on your list.

Zoryg: Being one of the most excellent tanks to run right now and in the future, Zoryg is a very reliable tank that scales well with level gain. As a result, no issues are placing him in the S-Tier right away.

Darkest afk tier list A

Darkest AFK Tier List

Zig & Zag: There is a lot of random targeting and effects in Zig & Zag. He can be fantastic but also unpleasant at times, and his overall effectiveness as your primary damage dealer in Darkest AFK varies greatly.

Avalon has a superb kit. It’s lovely to boost defense for teammates while dealing decent damage. However, his passive revive ability only occasionally activates, and it appears that he deceases too quickly. So, running him and relying on his revive can be a little unpredictable. If not, I’d categorize him as S-Tier without a doubt.

Rabba: Larion and Rabba are comparable, but Rabba at least has some survivalist skills in his toolbox.

Condrat is a capable tank with excellent self-sustainability. His main issue is that he offers nothing else to the team besides looking out for himself and doing some damage.

Ingrid: Although Ingrid significantly better with more significant HP numbers, she still rank in the A Tier due to the excellent quality of her entire kit. To keep her going, combined with a robust supporting character.

Airon possesses a rather good tank kit with invincibility and the ability to grant the most injured ally 10% of his maximum health. Thanks to his stuns and passive life regeneration, he is a good tank.

Agra: A full tank is necessary to defend Agra because she can hit quite hard. She becomes a glass cannon while utilizing her skill on a team that plays aggressively because it reduces her defense at the same rate as it raises her attack.

Darkest AFK Tier List

Kuldjar could benefit from having higher base HP values since this would improve the scaling and uptime of his healing waves. He would then qualify for the next tier.

Brina: With better gear and levels, Brina scales quite well, and when her HP reaches a certain point, she becomes exceptionally durable.

Chas: Better stats would allow Chas to work much more frequently; presumably, Darkest AFK’s devs will do this soon. With stun, the damage is substantial.

Rigz Ash: Although Rigz Ash only lacks a few offensive numbers, he has good future potential because of how his kit is made, and his stats can grow.

Larion: I don’t know whether Larion feels like it’s all or nothing, but he needs a strong carry, is underpowered, and is generally a lovely character to run early.

Selina relies on her team; she will succeed if you run her with a top-notch group that has made vital gear and leveling investments.

Darkest afk tier list B

Darkest AFK Tier List

Tomas‘s stun is effective, but his active talent heals him without affecting allies, which means that it may take a little too long if he runs out of health.

Ghorm: Darkest AFK’s Ghorm starts as the game’s tank character, but he falters later due to his weak, passive skills compared to other tanks.

Drowzet’s passive talent, which targets the adversary with the lowest percentage, provides decent damage, enabling him to excel as an assassin. It takes a lot of work to keep him alive because he is such a glass cannon, so pick a character that can hold up a little bit better.

Drogo: Additionally, Drogo’s defense stats worsen because he is highly vulnerable to random events. I envision him being more effective and successful with stronger defensive metrics.

Tiara: With a lot of gear investment, Tiara can clear some waves, but that could be better, and you also have many better options. Once you have her, use Darkest AFK to run her early in the game, give her level boosts, and let her shoulder the load until you can use stronger characters.

Darkest afk tier list D

Sir Joseph is merely awful. Use him for as long as necessary, then replace him as soon as possible. Only invest as much as is necessary.


I hope this character tier list will be helpful to you as you decide which character to invest in moving forward. Please comment below with any additional queries or if you believe I have miscalculated a character’s Darkest AFK ranking. I will be happy to respond.

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