Cooking Fever Cheat Codes

Cooking Fever Cheat Codes: If you enjoy cooking and have always wished to become the finest chef and have your own restaurant, this game is for you! Cook delectable food, attract customers and outfit your modest restaurant.

Hire employees and workers who will perform all the work for you to save money and enhance your chances. Gain popularity and ensure that your restaurant is the most popular in the city.

Cooking Fever Tips & Tricks

Cooking Fever tips and Tricks

Make Your Food Ahead of Time.

Prepare some of your food items ahead of time, before the crowds arrive. Customers do not complain about pre-prepared meals, and warmers are available to keep the food warm.

You gain the same number of money whether you cooked it an hour earlier or 5 minutes ago. Drinks replenish on their own, so there’s no need to prepare them ahead of time. You will have minimal cooking equipment at the start of the game for foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs. These are the kind of foods you should have ready before your clients arrive.

Reduce the time customers wait to level up and earn more gems and coins.

Invest in your kitchen

When you’ve completed level one, you’ll have the option of upgrading your kitchen. The goal of the kitchen renovation is to expand the capacity of the kitchen. You’ll be able to make many dishes at once with improvements.

Purchase more efficient cooking equipment with the money you’ve already earned. You may also sell your old equipment and utilise the proceeds to update your system.

Your restaurant should be upgraded

The goal of updating your restaurant is to make your guests feel welcome and satisfied.

Breakfast Cafe, Fast-Food, Baked goods, Sushi, Pizzeria, Chinese, Indian, and Chinese are among the eight restaurants that make up Cooking Fever. Replace all of the barstools, tables, televisions, and disco balls with new ones.

With each renovation, your restaurant’s reputation will improve. Your consumers will tip you, tell their friends about your business, and help you expand your client base.

Recognize the mood and expressions of your customers.

Customers in Cooking Fever might be joyful, worried, sad, or enraged.

Customers’ moods can be affected by a variety of factors, including wait time, meal quality, and restaurant design. You should be able to read their emotions and respond appropriately.

Tip: If you keep your customers pleased, they will choose your restaurant over others. You will level up more quickly and earn more gems and coins if you have a large number of clients.

Get 500 Free Coins

  • Playing the game and completing the stages is the most apparent way to earn money. When you lose, you will not receive any coins. If you run out of in-game cash, you may watch a commercial for 5000 coins.
  • Start the game.
  • The “5000 free” symbol may be seen in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on it.
  • Watch a commercial. Make sure you complete watching the commercial so you can get your free coins.

This Cooking Fever technique has a time constraint. Gold may be obtained up to three times each day. The 5000 coin incentive is sometimes only given if you install another app on your smartphone. If you don’t want to keep installing new applications on your iPhone, there are other options for earning extra coins, which you’ll learn about later.

Complete Your Tasks

You may instantly reach the Task menu on the screen once you begin playing levels. On the left side of the Task or notebook icon, you’ll notice a red number. It displays the number of jobs you have completed.

The distinction between Accomplishment and Tasks is that the latter is dependent on the restaurant. Meanwhile, achievements are applicable throughout the game.

Cooking Fever Cheat Codes

There are no cheat codes available for cooking fever right now. Just play according to strategy and will all the levels with the highest scores.

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