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NameChick Wars
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The Chick wars game is a kind of fun social game. It can build up your relationship and also let you know about the character traits of each person you meet in your life. And if you are stuck somewhere with no ties left, the chick war game will take care of you.

A Chick war is a fun and simple way to play. Millions of people around the world have played the Chick war game. The Chick war game is an epic turn-based strategy game in which you must defend your home and destroy the enemy’s castle.

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The Storyline of Chick Wars

Like other turn-based role-playing games, developers created Chick Wars. The female warriors and your main character will both enter the fight. The game will be played turn by turn, and you’ll have to use your character’s skills to develop the best battle strategy. You will encounter several enemies when entering each land, which you must thwart. At the same time, visit each location to gather a female warrior. These girls are stunning and strong.

You will get a tonne of goodies for winning games. These can be extras or trading stones that are used in the game. Your scenes with the females in the cut scenes are the most alluring and eagerly awaited reward.

Modified Features of Chick Wars

Let’s discuss more amazing features about the game that help you to know better about it.

Play with interesting Characters

You can see the health and attack stats of every member of your team who is represented by a card. You can call the character each turn to engage the opposition in combat with the ultimate objective of eliminating the leader of the opposition.

This game’s attack system is simple: characters with varying physical prowess will play different roles and hold distinct places. For close combat and archery, the game has defined areas. If there are no foes in front of the character simultaneously, they can assault the leader right away. Thus, there are two methods to attack and succeed: kill the adversary who has been summoned to attack or select an attacker from the field.

Chick Wars

Join Teams of Warriors

You will take on the role of a warrior in Chick Wars mod apk and encounter many people of different races along the way. It might be girls that look diabolical or girls who have adorable animal ears. Therefore, you will have a harem to watch every day, and naturally, the primary purpose of these individuals is to accompany you throughout exciting and strategic combat. Naturally, you’ll place the characters in the appropriate positions to fulfill their roles.

Chick Wars

Summon Powerful Characters

Chick Wars apk characters emerge in front of you like cards, and as time goes on, you’ll want to accumulate more cards to play the game with greater strength and strategy. Open the chests you obtain from the mission as one method of summoning them. A character on your team can also be leveled up when you receive a duplicate number of cards featuring that character. You will therefore need to spend time opening cards and learning these characters.

Unlimited Money

This game’s primary and premium currencies are coins and gems, respectively. You can enhance the cards on your team by using cash. Additionally, you can purchase coins, soul dust, character cards, and rapid access boxes using gems. However, you must earn achievements or make a real-money purchase to obtain the diamonds.

As a result, you receive an endless supply of cash, gems, and other resources. Consequently, it will be simple for you to unlock every card and level them all up. It is done to help you save valuable time and effort. You can build a strong team with its assistance right away in the game.

Max VIP Level

You receive some VIP points that are utilized to raise your VIP level when you make any in-game in-app purchases with real money. Gaining a higher VIP level offers you numerous advantages, including daily free gems, a more significant daily bonus, VIP emojis, a reduction in the cost of evolution, more excellent HP, and much more. The maximum VIP level offers 20 incredible advantages.

Such advantages are unavailable to free gamers. As a result, we have enabled this MOD’s maximum VIP level. Thus, you are free to enjoy all of these advantages.

Chick Wars

God Mode

You lose when your commander runs out of health. Additionally, winning the combat and defeating the adversary at higher levels gets more challenging. The God Mode option comes in quite handy in certain circumstances. No matter how many assaults your commander takes when it is active, he won’t lose any HP. You can concentrate on your offense and eliminate the opposition in this manner. The health of your commander is unimportant.

Amazing 2D Graphics

Developers created the Chick Wars game’s aesthetics with great care. Although the game is 2D, the quality isn’t outstanding, yet the image was created in 3D. This is a pretty original method of coordination that makes the game smaller yet still captivating. The character creation portion is likely the most stunning aspect. The women in the match are only chibi-styled cartoon creatures. They are attractive girls with fiery bodies but with hot scenarios.

A good game must have an engaging sound in addition to stunning visuals. The sound effects and background music used during combat are essentially the same.

What’s New

  1. Evolve cost -20%
  2.  battle speed 2x and 4x
  3.  can start PVP chests
  4.  PVP chests time reduction (a little bit)
  5.  +20 pit shuffles/re-rolls
  6.  Instant win for event boss and cleared journey bosses

How to download and Install Chick War?

  1. Click the down button below
  2. Go to settings
  3. Allow unknown resources 
  4. Install the game
  5. Enjoy!

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Chick Wars is a game that took time to develop, but I believe it was worth the perseverance. The game’s design goals are becoming more ludic with each new version, and the game is on its way to becoming a famous war game among mobile games. The game will have versions developed in multiple languages, representing millions of players. It may still need some adjustments and added features, but it is increasing.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and found it helpful to play. Ping back to new post Avakin Life


How many people can play together?

Up to 8 players can play together, depending on the computer’s specs and the internet connection speed.

Can I modify the game?

You can do that using the “Modify” button on the main menu screen.

Does this game support multiplayer?

Yes, it does. You can play online with your friends or family to get the best score and win the chicken fight!

What is the maximum number of players in this game?

This game allows up to 16 players on a single device, including all generations of devices (iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6+/7/7+).

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