Castle Clash Cheat Codes

Castle Clash Cheat Codes: Castle Clash is a free military strategy game in which you can use your tactics to develop a virtual army and village. An intriguing battle system is also present in the game.

You’ve reached the right place if you’re a fan of the game and are searching for Castle Clash Secret Codes to earn free gems and other special goods. A list of Castle Clash Gift codes has been compiled in this guide.

Castle Clash Cheat Codes — October 2023


  • XWF866


IGG, the creator behind Castle Clash, has published a special anniversary code in honour of the game’s 16th birthday.

How to redeem Castle Clash Gift codes?

  1. Open the game and choose the avatar icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Now, go to the Castle Clash official website and copy your IGG ID.
  3. Select your platform and press the next button.
  4. Now input your IGG ID and any of the working secret codes listed above, and then click submit.
  5. Return to the game and grab your prize from the in-game mailbox.

Castle Clash Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Use your gems wisely

You must be careful not to misuse gems in the Castle Clash game because gems are the game’s premium currency. Never use those diamonds to speed up activities like construction or upgrades. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid wasting gems on hero talents until you have about five or six legendary heroes.

Finish all of your daily tasks

Every day, you must log in to the game to obtain rewards. Every thirty days, a total of thirty awards are reset, and when all thirty rewards have been gathered, the player will earn approximately 990 gems, 19,900 HB, 7,510,000 overall experience (Books), and 48,000 total skill experience, and a variety of cards.

Daily Quests – Daily quests can be available on the quest boards, which the player can utilise to restore the town hall after it has reached level seven. It also has a lot of stuff in it, including gems.

In Castle Clash, do whatever you can.

In contrast to some mobile games, Castle Clash rewards you for your “side” activities. Once you have some decent heroes, get into Arenas as soon as possible and begin battling. The majority of your resources will be obtained through raiding. Dungeons are required to level your heroes, and you can obtain fire by completing them. Later on, once you have a good base/heroes, Here Be Monsters (HBM) will be a great source of shards.

Badges Shouldn’t Be Spent on Heroes

Honour badges have a 1% chance of hiring, whereas Jewels have a 5% probability, so you should always roll those with gems. Save the most of your HB for your legendary’s upgrade.

While waiting for a Legendary, there are a few heroes that are worth spending HB on. Engineers are heroes. Upgrades to Marksman, Serpent Queen, Cyclops, Panda, Ice Demon, and Shaman are possible.

Concentrate On your Town Hall

Attempt to raise the town hall level as quickly as possible, as this will directly or indirectly enhance the size of your army in-game. The more you level up a city hall, the larger the army camps and hero camps you build will get, as will the power of your army, which will directly assist you in winning the game in most battles.

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