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NameCall of Duty Mod Apk
DeveloperActivision Publishing, Inc.
Size 90MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money
Mod Menu
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Call of Duty Mod Apk is the most fantastic war game that is featured in world war 2. In this gun war game, you find many adventurous challenges to finish. You will fight with different people and also with zombies. If you are a gun lover and also like to fight then this game is just for you. With the realistic graphics and number of weapons, this game takes its position high.

This mod version provides you unlocked everything. You can take every weapon and also select any map whatever you want.

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What is COD Mobile Game?

Activision is one of the most successful game publishers in the world, and the Call of Duty game is one of its most popular. It all began in 2003 with Call Of Duty 1, which included amazing visuals, immersive music, and a flawless plot. However, the COD series has evolved to include the COD Mobile, which will give you with same gameplay experience as large game consoles costing thousands of rupees, right on your smartphone. COD Mobile is the most recent installment in the COD series, with incredible terrain and unique weaponry.

Modified features of Call of duty Mod Apk

Let’s discuss some more amazing features of the game.

Unlocked Avatars

Without having to go through any stages, all of the characters in the story have already been unlocked. The player must complete a certain number of levels in the original and official version of Call of Duty cracked version in order to upgrade the characters he desires, but this customized version has removed the difficulty of completing various levels and winning them in order to obtain money and purchase characters.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

Unlimited Money in Call of Duty Mod Apk

This is the finest feature of this hacked game since every cod gamer wants unlimited money for free. This cash may be used on in-game purchases. Even though all purchased things are free to use and unlock, you may use this money to buy skins or other stuff.

These are a few of the greatest aspects of the game. As a result, it outperforms the official version. Outfits, Clans Prizes, and other options are available in this game. When playing the game, it will be beneficial if you are aware of those factors.

Auto Reloading Armors

Even in a combat or war game, the player must reload the weapons when the gun magazine is empty, which can slow down the enemy’s killing process. Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK, on the other hand, does not force players to follow the same procedure because it has added the capability of weapon auto-reloading. It gives you sufficient time to kill all of the enemy targets without losing any of your time.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

Unlimited Weapons

In terms of armoury and modes, no one, in our view, can match COD games. Since every game in the COD’s Latest version comes with an armament that includes practically all of the new-gen firearms, armours, and other assets, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. The COD Mobile Unlimited money will give you massive weaponry as well as a limitless variety of firearm designs and skins.

You’ll get over ten automatic weapons, five LMGs, ten SMGs, five handguns, six snipers, and one Assassin rifle in this game, and because it’s an online game, advanced weaponry will be updated with new updates.


One of the most essential features and qualities of this Call of Duty MOD Version is Aimbot, which supports the user in killing the adversary in one shot with an automated aim. Aimbot also allows the character to shoot at the opponent from a distance by setting the aim near to the adversary and hitting the shooter button in a space, even though the user couldn’t aim closer to the enemy.

This assists the player in amassing and spending an excessive number of shots in order to kill a single target.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

Different Game Modes

As no one wants to play the same mode again and over, even if it is the most popular battle-royale format. As a result, the Call of duty mod apk will also meet your mode requirement. Since you can only receive a maximum of 10 variants including the battle royale mode in almost every online shooting game, the COD mobile 2022 will supply you with over 20 distinct modes containing the multiplayer mode.

Use Drones

Drones offer you the impression of being able to stay on top of your opponent, which is important for progress. Your character receives the UAV, missiles, and drone. When playing online multiplayer, it happens if you have a continuous stream of enemies to kill and you utilize your weapon effectively at the right time.

The missile assists in taking control of the panel, and pointing it towards the enemy aids in long-range kills. This feature is only available in PVP battles, but you may easily make use of it with proper advancement. Have used this weapon only when absolutely required.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

Use boosters

Using boosts will provide you with information about the adversary as well as other factors. To gain a significant advantage, make use of all of your characters’ talents.

Height Falling

When it comes to falling from tremendous heights, the vast majority of players die. Falling down the hill is a common occurrence here, thus it’s an issue that every gamer experiences. So, stay in good form and glide through the height if you want to increase your chances of surviving a fall. You’ll be able to attack at a slower pace and with less damage as a result of this.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

Map diversity is extraordinary

If you’ve ever played a Call of Duty cracked version, you’ll be familiar with the extensive level selection offered in COD Mobile, the most advanced and up-to-date version. Around 20 in-game maps are included in the COD mod menu, including most of the classic maps like Standoff, High jacked, Crash, Trash, and many more, as well as several newly updated maps including SHIPMENT 1944, Enclosure, Summit, and other notable destinations.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

Realistic Graphics and Sounds

Since the smartphone is a multipurpose device to make every task interesting, visuals and game quality are the primary criteria on which a mobile game depends. If you’re playing games on it, the visuals must be different. This game will give you a console-like graphics experience on your Android smartphone.

As a result, the COD Mobile Unlimited everything offers five different graphics quality levels, ranging from low to extremely high, from which you may select the one that best suits your phone’s specifications.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

What’s New

  • Auto-aim
  • Unlock All Characters/Weapons/Outfits
  • Unlimited Ammo/ No reload
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!

 How to download and install COD Mobile Mod Apk? 

  • Click on the download button below
  • Allow the unknown resources from the settings
  • Click to install
  • Select you avatar
  • Start the game
  • Enjoy!

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 Why Isn’t There A MOD Version On Google Play? 

The Google Play Store has millions of games and applications, and in order to be there, apps must follow a set of guidelines established by Google. Because Google Play Store does not sell modified or premium versions of any program, Call Of Duty MOD does not comply with Google’s guidelines. COD MOD is not accessible in the Google Play Store for this reason.

 What Are the Benefits of Downloading COD MOD APK? 

This mobile game is unlike any of the other FPS games available on MyModdedApk. It is unlike any other game in terms of sophisticated gameplay and realistic sensations. You’ll be playing a modified version of the original game.


COD Mobile, like every other COD series, is the finest online shooting game ever made for Android smartphones. Even when compared to its most well-known rival, PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile will win in terms of visuals, armoury collection, locations collection, comfortability, and practically every other criterion.

So download COD Mobile immediately and embark on a trip through one of the top online shooting games in the world.

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