Boxing Star Cheat Codes

Boxing Star Cheat Codes: Boxing is a sport with a high level of competition. It’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why it keeps inspiring a never-ending flood of video games.

Four Thirty-Three’s latest boxing-themed game, Boxing Star, is now available on iOS and Android. You may make your own boxer and follow his career in the game. You begin as a poor street fighter and work your way up to World Champion status.

In this post, we’ve included Boxing Star hacks that will undoubtedly assist you in improving your skills, fighting, and growing your power.

Boxing Star Tips & Tricks

Boxing Star Cheat Codes

Controls For A Boxing Star

  • To jab/punch, tap the screen.
  • A hook may be obtained by horizontally swiping right or left.
  • For the uppercut, swipe up.
  • Tap the arrow symbol in the bottom-left and right corners to avoid the enemy’s onslaught.
  • To stop an enemy attack, hold down the defensive icon for a long time.
  • You may check your character’s and your enemy’s HP at the top.
  • Some gears have a unique ability. A skill symbol will appear in the top-left corner if you have equipped.
  • To cast, simply tap it. When the hyper bar (gauge) reaches its highest point, it will activate.

Maintain your stamina

Your stamina meter is located beneath your health bar. You will lose some stamina if your strikes are evaded or deflected. Your boxer will grow slower as your stamina decreases. If it reaches zero, you’ll be so far down that you’ll be a sitting duck. At all means, keep this from happening.

Pull back a little and wait for your stamina to recover if your opponent was able to block or evade a few blows. Getting enraged and attempting to pound your way through a wall is a certain way to exhaust oneself.

When You’re Stuck, Grind

It may be time to grind a bit if you encounter an opponent that is too powerful for you to defeat even with a decent hit-and-run strategy. Simply return to previous combat and rerun it a few times to get sufficient experience to level up. You can also move to a different setting to try to make more progress.

You may also grind for equipment by switching to League Mode. In League mode, completing levels will award you with package drops including both equipment and money.

Upgrade Your Skills

You may improve the possibilities of talent activation and performance in the Boxing Star game by improving your skill. You will lose skill points as a result. Start the training by going to the skill menu and tapping the training button. You will receive skill points when a specific amount of time has passed.

These skill points can be used to upgrade your equipment. Tap the skill symbol, then hit the Plus icon next to an attribute, then tap the spend button to confirm.

Play Game with Swag

You’ll start earning S-coins after you reach a particular level in Boxing Star. These may be used to buy different items in the management tab’s Swank section. You may enhance your daily rental revenue by purchasing a new crib. You may also get a new automobile to reduce the time it takes for your products to arrive.

Adding a new member to your group earns you a daily bonus. The incentives you receive rise with each additional member you recruit, so it’s always a smart idea to keep adding more.

Boxing Star Cheat Codes — May 2023


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