Bloons TD 6 cheat codes 2023

Bloons TD 6 cheat codes: The Bloons have returned, and they’re better than ever! Bloons TD 6 is the follow-up to Bloons TD 5, which was launched in 2014. This time, everything is in 3D and has a new, prettier aesthetic.

Build huge monkey towers as a defence, employ heroes, and survive every Bloons onslaught!

Create the ideal defence with a mix of fantastic Monkey Towers, upgrades, Heroes, and triggered powers, then explode every last invading Bloon!

Join the millions of other gamers who are enjoying the enormous and ever-expanding features that provide hours of the greatest strategic gameplay available.

Bloons TD 6 Tips & Tricks

Bloons TD 6 cheat codes

Build 4-5 Dart Towers

Get enough money during the first few levels to build 4-5 Dart Towers in the centre of the screen between the two pathways. Don’t buy or upgrade anything else. Upgrade each Dart Tower with the Penetration Darts upgrade after you’ve got 4-5 in the centre of the screen.

After that, give each one the Long Range Darts upgrade. From then on, if you have enough money, purchase a Dart Tower and position it at any path’s corner.
Then improve it again, first with the Piercing Darts upgrade, then with the Long Range Darts upgrade. Continue doing so until there are roughly 10 Dart Towers on the screen

Buy Tack Towers

Begin by purchasing Tack Towers and installing them at the intersections of pathways.
After you’ve purchased one, don’t go out and buy another immediately away. Upgrade it with the Faster Shooting upgrade first, and then with the Extra Range Tacks upgrade after that. If you don’t improve in the sequence I tell you, you won’t have a chance to win.

Ice Towers

Bloons are not destroyed by Ice Towers. It’s a sheer waste of time to listen to them. Bomb Towers are too slow to fire and do not kill Black Bloons, who are the most difficult to defeat in later stages.

Start saving money for the Super Monkey once you’ve had roughly 10 Dart Towers and 10 Tack Towers built up in the locations I’ve taught you to place them.

You’ll need $4,000 to buy it, but if you follow the steps above, you’ll be able to obtain the money you need by going through 10-15 stages. The Super Monkey is a fantastic creature.
Make sure it’s in the centre of the screen. It’s all downhill from there.

  • Build roughly 5 monkey towers in a decent location, improve them before buying more, and then build a few tack towers along the original path.
  • If necessary, add monkeys.
  • Then, when you’ve got around 3000,
  • Save money, and then go out and get Supermonkey.
  • Keep using supermonkey, save money; * sell more stuff, buy more supermonkey;
  • repeat.

Bloons TD 6 cheat codes— May 2023

  • htqkfXTBhmLP3aM – towers
  •  5R4yMDIz54IGNi2 – m
  • v2LGXmDJMiZHIQG – multiplayer
  • Sw6GeIK1mUzqLJE – heroes
  • z4UcsrBD1FCssBl – new levels
  • BbIi9UCGbF7W7ln – promo code
  • jqKFVCOAfpWrMV9 – gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 0oZGSsbpF732RTm – premium pack
  • e1KO4eBpa6P3p9N – chest
  • TlvcImky5jQU7ce – vip ticket
These all codes are developed by third-party developers so we don’t give a guarantee that they work 100%
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