Asphalt Xtreme Tips And Tricks

Asphalt Xtreme Tips And Tricks: The most recent entry in Gameloft’s long-running Asphalt series is Asphalt Xtreme. This time, you must navigate some challenging terrain while driving buggies, rally cars, SUVs, and muscle cars. The racing action is now off-road. Although it takes pride in its “pick up and play” philosophy, there are still a few things you may research before playing.

You can get guidance on what to anticipate from Gamezebo’s Asphalt Xtreme Tips & Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies.

Nitro, Drifting, and Vehicle types.

Tap the nitro to consume a portion of your nitro bar and give yourself an extra boost. You can strike it more frequently to give the boost more chunks and increase its potency.

Long Nitro

A red region will appear after you have completed the triggered nitro piece by tapping the nitro once. When the nitro bar hits that point, tap it once more to take your next serving more gradually. You can execute lengthy nitro chains more easily if you use archetypes like SUVs or trucks.

To begin drifting, maintain a long enough steering angle. To force it earlier, you can also touch the brake while steering. Then, use wanders to explore dangerous curves.

Exiting a Drift

Turn your car straight to get out of a drift. A quick nitro boost will also yank you out of the drift, especially around doglegs!


Buggies move quickly and are light. To get that nitro going, try to leap and perform stunts as often as possible!


They are fast cars and trucks that decide to stay on the ground and avoid other lorries. Instead, utilize their efficient drift to gather nitro, then exit the curves while igniting it.


Similar to Rallies, SUVs opt to stay on the road and dodge their opponents.

Competent drivers can chain their nitro intake for an entire lap because it is so slow.

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Muscle Cars

Muscle Cards are strong everywhere, but they use nitro at an astronomical rate. The best racers can only tame these powerful monsters.


Pickups are a force to be reckoned with due to their distinctive drift and general air superiority. Their nitro works best in quick, potent bursts to dispatch opponents.


The ultimate unstoppable force is the truck. Trucks are designed to always stay on the road. Make excellent use of their slow nitro usage to defeat rivals and find faster routes at high speeds.

Jump! Attack with monster trucks! Get rid of any idiot who tries to oppose you! Makers who enjoy using their Burst of Nitro to intimidate other archetypes are being eliminated by Monster Trucks!

How to unlock new seasons and events?

  1. In career mode, you can use stars to unlock additional seasons and events. You can earn stars by winning contests or completing side objectives in career mode. You can win approximately five stars in a single event.
  2. You must use credits to pay for new vehicles and any enhancements you must press to the limit. Play events in career mode and multiplayer to earn Credits, or purchase some from the store.
  3. Participate in Limited-Time Events to get Tokens. You can purchase tokens in the menu’s store section. For example, in Asphalt Xtreme, You can purchase premium products like boosters, exclusive cars, boxes, and ticket refills with tokens.
  4. In career mode, each event has a suggested car rank. Use a vehicle with the recommended rank or above to increase your chances of winning.
  5. To include a daily win, complete a multiplayer game and place first, second, or third. You can earn incredible rewards by collecting victories, but be careful because every day, the streak resets.

The Importance of Nitro

  • Useful is the nitro button. Typing it eats a small portion, but repeatedly striking it makes it stronger.
  • During the race, using power-ups will refill your nitro bar. However, there are other methods of replenishing it.
  • Drift for a considerable time, and the nitro will recharge more quickly.
  • The best part is that you can recharge it even while stimulating if you raise it with three bars full of nitro and then wait till it goes red before boosting. Theoretically, you could build up a sizable chain of nitro stimulants, particularly if you drove a fast-recharging car. It will require some practice, but it will be worthwhile.
  • You can add a little more money to your nitro bar by destroying any debris in your route. It’s simple to earn a recharge with this method.
  • Nitro has various objectives but is most effective when passing. You can use it to develop additional cars to replenish your nitro gauge. If you keep doing that, you should always have some extra nitro.
  • You are using these techniques to ensure that you nearly never run out of nitro, while racing is the greatest way to ensure success. Undoubtedly, it is feasible.

Asphalt Xtreme Tips & Tricks

Choose easy Controls

You can change Asphalt Xtreme’s default tilt control mode by going to the options menu. As opposed to tilting, a tap to steer lets you control the car’s direction by touching the screen’s left and right sides. You get a steering wheel with on-screen controls, but it’s a bit more challenging to operate.

Additionally, manual acceleration buttons can be added to the tilt side, allowing you to heel-toe the accelerator and stop at the same time or let off the pedal whenever necessary to make a decent turn.

Practice more to become Expert

Try playing with one hand as well as two hands as you practice. Even though the instruction instructs you to move one space quickly or hold to move several spaces with two hands, using just one thumb to control the moving track allows you to concentrate more on where you need to go.

To ensure that you can swiftly move from one end of the screen to the other as needed if you want to use one hand, make sure you can readily reach both ends of the screen.

Achieve High Scores

Focus on getting through the walls if you want a particularly high score. The only way to unlock different blocks is to collect as many yellow diamonds as possible, but as they are hidden in dangerous places, doing so will surely mean jeopardizing your progress. If you want more diamonds, view the video advertisements when they pop up so you can instantly earn 20 diamonds.

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