Art of Conquest Redeem Codes

Art of Conquest Redeem Codes: Lilith Games has released Art of Conquest, a mobile strategic role-playing game. The richness of the gameplay sets it apart from comparable games. First, the hero may navigate around the world map, exploring locations and gathering materials.

Art of Conquest gives you three characters to choose from from the outset. Don’t be concerned about selecting a suitable hero; their selection will arrive later, and you will be able to choose more accurately. It’s simple to begin with Avalon. He’s a good character to start with because he’s adaptable and has a lot of options. He excels in boss engagements, and his Natural Leader ability allows you to raise the amount of forces deployed.

Art of Conquest Redeem Codes — July 2023

As of today, we have included all of the active Art of Conquest redemption codes. These tickets may be redeemed for free gold, wood, linari, soulfire, and other benefits. Here is a list of the most recent active Art of Conquest codes:


  • q3nezk9dtw – New!
  • pamigtfgbm
  • jyjy8888
  • SQJL222
  • SQJL333
  • SQJL666
  • SQJL888
  • SQJL999
  • pafa2nv3mp
  • pa85yanprv
  • pa93n59wyy
  • qfzs6666
  • k3a7qsck3x
  • jsmr2b7qkb
  • inrmu6xckj
  • ieqrn7cf9e
  • iem474ch2i
  • ief85cpdq3
  • iegwi7cg5q
  • AOC666

Art of Conquest list of expired codes

  • qfzs8888
  • happybd888
  • papsf957gk
  • papymz53fm
  • panwpbdhrs
  • Jyjy6666
  • payivg5rdx
  • mfgf5q9hff
  • mfxyxiwfqf
  • mffwp3y34b
  • mf455437cn
  • mf9h8hu8gp
  • jr38m2wjit
  • jsfrjqu9xc
  • js36hn8p9k
  • ie6mg93g8x
  • iecm988snq
  • ieku5hz2zh
  • iebqa4a2cv
  • ieaxfnaeq2
  • h6m4wm5k3r
  • h68qsnr682
  • h69kp9g2rp
  • h6ei6kuj5i
  • zcwjtyn66m
  • zcgpfh875c
  • zci6wwhvgs
  • zced87ua6v
  • ieyew7jxgr
  • h6emcg4msw
  • h6znhikwmx
  • zcbje5eg8e
  • zctbbgee3d
  • zcf8v7txq4
  • zci5pnjzq8
  • zc7mq2rh6p
  • zcuh4rwjsx
  • ya5nhcqxhw
  • ya7nba3dni
  • yarefff9rr
  • zehbin6ike
  • ya6qkwfiat
  • ya7k3u53fy
  • yai4ti4kmn
  • ya4h5nyzay
  • xe3e3neyuy
  • ya4yckw2br
  • xeathz9gce
  • xeyc5ybmha
  • xey796rnqs
  • xesnk32waf
  • xe9utihjwq
  • xeymvm2jav
  • xeuerx4rha
  • xei7tdix2c
  • xez63r6aci
  • wiy8dyis99
  • wisjvtjq33
  • wi6a8f4dxr
  • wiszi3paww
  • wic6hcamww
  • wif3ic73p2
  • wijbw3jw3x
  • wid6sjs232
  • wi4uhnnn8y
  • gyqye532m9
  • gyxkb3btht
  • ftpsixa38y
  • fm72j3yauv
  • fmp3cp2c76
  • g76qdc2ue6
  • 3ud3tzxvmm

How to enter ART OF CONQUEST codes?

  1. Launch the game and select the Avatar option in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. A new window will appear; click on the ‘Settings’ option to proceed.
  3. Locate and choose the ‘Redeem’ button.
  4. In the ‘Enter gift key’ field, enter the Art of Conquest codes supplied above.
  5. Enjoy your benefits by clicking on the ‘Confirm’ button.

ART OF CONQUEST Tips For Beginners

Art of Conquest Redeem Codes

Rules For Playing The Game

  • Each player has one minute to prepare for the combat (put troops, put up heroes). When the control timer runs out, the combat will commence.
  • The war is not permitted to end until one of the participants has won the last round.
  • The action tempo is lowered by two times so that players can practise their abilities.
  • The vanquished player loses all troops (the soldiers are sent to the infirmary), and the fallen heroes (who took part in the conflict) die. Their recuperation will be lengthy.
  • Each character that does not engage in the combat loses one unit of energy.
  • For 60 minutes, a defeated player cannot assault cities or other players.

Tips From Pro Players

  1. It is not essential to depart from the capital too soon. It shields newbies from the adversary and allows them to grow quickly. Only through growing stronger will you be able to depart the kingdom’s capital.
  2. Before accepting a challenge from another player, be sure they are powerful. If his army’s strength exceeds 1.5 times, the war must be abandoned.
  3. If a new player has entered the battle, move huge characters closer to the first line. As a result, the player has a guaranteed cover, and ice sheets will not be able to impact powerful troops.
  4. Do not be scared to send in all available soldiers. The more units on the battlefield, the better the likelihood of victory. If you leave one hero in reserve, in the event of defeat, the player will be able to combat the monsters and keep playing until his soldiers are restored.
  5. You must first eliminate the enemy’s heroes. To deal with the adversary swiftly, you should apply active skills at the start of the combat. It is vital to select heroes who can be defeated with a single skill or who will be followed by the player’s forces.

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