Alchemy Stars Codes

Alchemy Stars Codes: You can discover more about your world and grow to be the most powerful Aurorian in the tactical role-playing game Alchemy Stars, which is an exhilarating experience. Players take control of distinctive characters in turn-based combat.

Alchemy Stars game codes are a terrific method to offer yourself a significant advantage in the game, though, for those who are just starting out or who are seeking a head start.

Alchemy Stars Codes — October 2023

You can soon use a tonne of free stuff in-game with the aid of our Alchemy Stars code list. In order to save you from wasting time that could spend playing Alchemy Stars, we will update this guide periodically with all the most recent codes and make sure to delete any that have outdated as soon as possible.

BIRTHDAYCON – free rewards (new!)

ANNIVERSARY0602 – free rewards (new!)

ASTH2022VD – free rewards

ASTH2022CNY – free rewards

How to Redeem Alchemy Stars Codes?

  1. Launch the game first.
  2. After finishing the instruction, select the Notices icon on the left side of your home screen.
  3. The Code Redeeming Center can be found at the bottom.
  4. select “Redeem Now”
  5. Select the appropriate server.
  6. Remember that the codes are case-sensitive and copy one from the list below.
  7. Finally, click the Redeem button to receive your benefits.

Alchemy Stars Tips for Beginners 

Alchemy Stars Codes

Important Tips

  • For a chance to receive achievements connected to 10 pulls, such as getting 2 6* Ration out of of your daily quest objectives, save for 10 pulls.
  • Obtain all achievements on free side missions in the main story. Prism
  • Only 50 buddy requests can be sent in a single day.
  • Save at least 5 or even 10 of your Grey Common XP crystals rather than using them all so you won’t lose XP when using the rarer XP crystals later.
  • It might not be the worst idea to purchase XP crystals with Stargems (a restricted store currency) once at the beginning (tentative idea)
  • For rarer units, more Xp and Nightium are needed for levelling up and ascending.
  • Avoid wasting Nightium by purchasing items from the shop because you won’t have enough for levelling up later.

Alchemy Stars Combat Tips

  • Most foes can only attack diagonally and move two squares.
  • Watch out for free Auroras (15 tile pairings) of different hues.
  • Not once each fight, but once per round, Auroras can be triggered
  • You will save a round if you kill every enemy while activating an Aurora.
  • Don’t accidentally double-click in a position to assault it.
  • Enemy counters and spikes are removed when a tile is converted.
  • A skill will always be used when it is no longer on cooldown by Auto Fight AI. Beware, jumpers aren’t utilizzed correctly either.
  • Moving to even one on-color tile when adjacent to an enemy causes everyone on a mono team to launch a Normal Attack, whereas moving to an off-color tile causes only the captain to do so. ordinary assaults.

Alchemy Stars Territory Tips

  • Purchase furniture first to elevate the atmosphere and raise the possibility of obtaining Lumamber presents from characters.
  • Transforming leftover MS into Text Fragments at a 1 to 10 ratio
  • Really powerful preemptive skills
  • Just walk on the three pressure plates in the treasure chamber to eliminate all foes.
  • The Healing Room grants 5 MS and revives one or heals two random Aurorians by 50%.
  • If you don’t have the relic that slows them down, the thief chamber will flee very quickly.
  • One particularly strong team with a competent healer can get by just fine, but having two teams of various aspects to swap to when challenged is a consideration.

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