Airport City Cheat Codes

Airport City Cheat Codes: You must create a cutting-edge, pleasant airport and transform it into a significant centre for global transportation. As usual, you will begin in a tiny, unnamed town. You have to take the helm in starting from the beginning and building a sizable airport all the way up to the level of a world-class facility.

Set up a single runway and a modest terminal first. Bringing roads and other forms of transportation to the airport should be taken into consideration right away. Initially, you won’t be able to provide passengers with a particularly high degree of comfort due to a lack of resources.

However, when chances present themselves, it is imperative to continuously enhance the convenience and expand the full spectrum of services. Build additional structures, launch cafés and restaurants, offer dependable parking spaces, and consider alternative transportation options.

This article is especially for the lovers of the Airport city games. You will find many airport city cheats that help you to get unlimited rewards and many more. Also, we discuss some airport city tips to make it easy to play.

Airport City Cheat Codes — May 2023

Following are some cheat codes for Airport City.

Gfj-7387db566d – Infinite money,

KP-76ff5a2b2e – Free shopping,

Lt-e46f13c9c2 – Getting resources for airports.

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Airport City Guide and Strategy

Airport City Cheat Codes

The reserve hangar’s usage guidelines

Make sure the plane you wish to store in the standby hangar isn’t in flight first. is in its hangar, but does not require maintenance. Then, when purchasing a new plane, you point to the hangar housing the plane that you do not yet require. It will immediately enter the reserve. and a newly acquired aircraft will replace it.

Mastery Stars of Airport City

A specific number of flights to a particular location is required to acquire a mastery star. Read the information in the window that shows when you hover your mouse over the three stars at the bottom of each flight in the “Flights” window.

Hire a friend to work 

You send a job application. (the “Invite” button) and watch for his approval.
He needs to get the inscription made if the neighbour is on board “I’m grateful. Your buddy has hired you.”
Once the game has been updated, you will then be able to view him wherever you go in your building.

Working of runways

There can only be two runways in the immediate vicinity of the airport. You may upgrade the runways to send any sort of aircraft on trips as your level rises. The runway zone is divided into two sections: the runways themselves and the taxiways, which allow for the uninterrupted movement of aircraft during takeoff and landing. Do not worry if you are sending many planes at once; they will all occupy the desired place on the taxiway and take off in the proper priority.

Use Aeroplane Parking

Instead of using aircraft hangars, Airport City uses parking. The place where the plane is serviced is parking. He is waiting here for his flight, refuelling, boarding, and then returning here after the flight. From Swallows to Condors, your own and visitors’ aircraft can park on the lot. This sets it apart from the hangar.

How does the terminal work?

The terminal’s advancements provide you with the ability to take on more passengers at once. Parts make up the terminal. There is a specific aeroplane parking space for each portion of the terminal. Since each parking lot has its own unique special equipment group, sections are required to service the aircraft quickly.

The aircraft will be maintained by specialised machinery from the transport base, which is common to the entire airport if you haven’t created a terminal area next to the parking lot.

Open Quest at any time

In airport city money cheats You won’t lose the chest until you come back to the game and open it, so don’t panic if you can’t open it right away once the timer ends. Just keep in mind that the following chest’s timer won’t start running until you claim the prior one’s reward.

You don’t need to search the warehouse for prizes because they are all instantly triggered and credited as soon as the chest is opened. Until the last chest in the chain is unlocked, the cargo container will stay at your airport. The container will be taken off the card once you’ve won the last prize.

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