AFK Arena Cheat Codes

AFK Arena Cheat Codes: AFK Arena is the game for you if you’re the kind of mobile gamer that enjoys freebies. In addition to being free, the creator Lilith Games frequently publishes several AFK Arena codes, which provide you access to several in-game items that will help you advance through this Gacha RPG much more quickly.

AFK Arena Cheat Codes — October 2023

Active AFK Arena codes

  • afk888 – 300 Diamonds, 20k Gold, and 100 Hero’s Essence
  • misevj66yi – 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, and five Common Hero Scrolls
  • uf4shqjngq – 30 Common Hero Scrolls

Expired codes

  • HAPPY333
  • meeyzuxw87
  • Brutus2022
  • kayd7grgvi
  • talene2022
  • iybkiwausg
  • pepmjfpuhs
  • ntbdc2j4yj
  • jinsuo666
  • i43a5pk3jw
  • i4hhzxxvj7
  • i4musq8dr6
  • ithg8qup87
  • j5mjxtdpia
  • zq6apizmr6
  • y9ntv77jvf
  • y9khdntp3v
  • y9ijrcnfsw
  • happy2022
  • yazyax56rz
  • wfmh5n68wt
  • wf7wcxr4nz
  • badlijey666
  • d14m0nd5
  • xmasl00t
  • ch3atc0de
  • g594b6vpjk
  • 311j4hw00d
  • Xiaban886
  • dwn8ekefbd
  • dqy4aq3pyw
  • PrinceOfPersia
  • ayqcttc36x
  • aaz27uvgfi
  • bprc9kun5i
  • am2fc6hqmj
  • 8vws9uf6f5
  • 9qgzux8k82
  • persona5
  • 9biwud4xrt
  • happy2021

How to redeem Afk Arena Cheat Codes?

  1. Visit the redemption page for AFK Arena by clicking here.
  2. Once there, click your player photo to access your AFK Arena account, which is identified by your “ID,” located within the game at the top left of your screen.
  3. Your code is visible in the upper right corner as soon as the panel appears.
  4. You must then verify the account as being yours. Select “Verification Code” from the Services list by clicking the settings link under your player portrait. Put this into the website as mentioned above.
  5. You will then email a code to your in-game mailbox from this location.
  6. On the website, enter the code that was listed in the email that was issued to you.
  7. Utilize the list of codes below to your advantage!

AFK Arena Tips For Beginners

  1. You can receive free diamonds by going to the Wall of Legends section. 5. Go to the Merchants section, where you can receive free diamonds and other resources daily.
  2. When you acquire a new hero, visit his profile page, add his backstory, and you will receive 100 bonus diamonds.
  3. As soon as possible, it would be best if you made as many friends as possible, ideally ones who are stronger than you.
  4. You must find a guild as soon as possible.
  5. Go to Settings, check the Battle Text and Health Bars sections, and the Guild Boss notification is also recommended.
  6. To save time and resources, try to click on afk rewards by 12 hours.
  7. In the game, frequently check your inbox because it often contains news about upcoming updates and potentially free materials.
  8. As soon as the game begins, send and receive hearts to friends as frequently and quickly as possible.
  9. When you have them there, purchase elite hero soulstone and hero essence Dust in the store with gems and gold, respectively.
  10. Neither with gold nor diamonds should you purchase any additional items from the store. In the future, although in the far-off future, you will buy emblems.
  11. You can also win valuable rewards in game modes other than the story mode. Play every game mode daily, including guild fights, bounty boards, mysterious labyrinths, king’s towers, and others. You can acquire diamonds, in-game stuff, gear, hero essence, EXP, and more.
  12. Complete the daily chores for rewards like diamonds, scrolls, soul stones, and more by going to the campaign mode screen, tapping the missions button in the upper-right corner, and then selecting the campaign mode. The weekly challenges are also worthwhile to complete. Therefore, complete every task and collect all the goodies.
  13. Become a lively guild member and participate in the team hunting fights. You can receive guild currency, equipment, gems, and many more incentives from it.

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