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One of the top Android idle games, Adventure Capitalist (AdCap), offers a tonne of adventure tours. Your primary goal in this game is to make money by expanding your business to the moon and mars while also updating your current operations. The game also has an event mode, where you may participate to earn large rewards like megabucks, character clothes, and more.

This article includes an Adventure Capitalist guide as well as Adventure Capitalist cheats and strategies to help you make a lot of money.

Adventure Capitalist Tips and Strategy

Upgrade Your Business to earn More

You will make more money if businesses are updated more frequently.
Instead of concentrating on a single company, think about balancing everything out.
You can start using the numerous upgrades for accomplishments and enhancements after you reach levels 25 to 50.

The quantity of improvements you must buy for each business in order to significantly increase its speed or profitability is displayed on the first screen of the “Unlocks.” A hack for adventure capitalist will become available after the previous one has been satisfied.

Make an upgrade before the timer expires. The Hockey Stadium’s later businesses must wait before they can start collecting their revenues. But even if you update them a few times right before the countdown starts, you’ll still get paid more.

Find your Angel Investors

You’ll have the opportunity to access the Angel Investors once you’ve made a sizable profit. They’ll significantly boost your earnings and give you access to more upgrades. However, you will need to start again by selling all of your enterprises. But if you want to earn even more money, you must do this. Sell your shares as soon as you have the chance to attract as many angel investors as you can.

Unlock More Angel Investors

Angel Investors are only available after a game reset, which starts the game over from scratch and removes any improvements. Angel investors are assigned to you depending on your overall income. You will attract more angel investors as your earnings increase. They serve three primary purposes. All earnings will rise by 2% as a result of each of them.

When trading Angels for various boosts in the “Upgrades” menu, profits may be used to purchase Angel Upgrades. You may also use Angle Investors to purchase Managers, who often make your businesses and levelling upgrades much more affordable.

While you will lose the managers and improvements you bought with your Angel Investors when you reset, you will still not lose any that you have not yet used. As soon as you can reset, you should do so in order to attract the initial group of angel investors. before receiving your second batch after some further waiting.

After that, you’ll advance far more quickly, enabling you to amass Angel Investors. Always aim to have a few hundred people generating revenue.

Adventure Capitalist Cheats — October 2023

Following Adventure Capitalist Cheats are updated and you can use them to get more rewards.

  • Moon AI code: D66E-91DA-0F73-FA07
  • Gold code: 3612-EB76-73DA-0F06
  • Mega Bucks code: 5130-E44B-AAAE-82C3
  • Blue Suit: 0A1C-FAFA-7AAC-0795

Adventure Capitalist Beginners Guide

Adventure Capitalist Cheats

Complete All Missions

The “The Earth” adventure is where the game starts. The Moon and Mars are the two remaining adventures as of right now. The “The Moon” quest requires $100 Trillion to be unlocked. The “The Mars” adventure requires 100 Megabucks to be unlocked. All of these adventures have similar gameplay; all you have to do is purchase and improve the businesses. Tap the mission control option from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Take Part in Each Guide

By taking part in the events, you may gain a variety of benefits. Launch the event (if it is accessible) to start earning megabucks, money, character costumes, and other rewards. Go to the game’s adventure area and click on “Events” and “Launch.”

Try to get more gold and Megabucks

One of the priceless goods in the Adventure Capitalist game is gold. By watching the video advertisement, you may get free gold every day. Simply touch on the advertisement offers located on the right side of the screen.

By completing milestone levels in the Adventure Capitalist game [tap on the menu -> unlocks -> check milestone levels there], you may also win gold.

Megabucks are yet another expensive in-game item in the Adventure Capitalist game. The Mars Adventure is unlocked with megabucks.

Mega Tickets are important

A premium item in the Adventure Capitalist game is the Mega Ticket. This mega ticket may be used to boost a certain company’s profits. You can raise it by 7.77 times for the first time. For instance, the oil business pays you $1 quadrillion per second.

The profit would rise from $1 quadrillion to $7 quadrillion if you’re using the mega ticket to give the oil firm a mega boost.

How does Adventure Capitalist get Mega Tickets?

Click the menu.
Click the adventures tab.
Visit Mega Boost.
To purchase 1 mega ticket, you must spend 20 gold or 10 megabucks. Additionally, 20 Mega Tickets may be purchased for 180 Gold or megabucks.

By taking part in both exceptional events and everyday activities, you may make a tonne of money.
Then select Adventures > Currency Exchange from the menu. Spend earth currency to earn mega currency. You must pay $1 Decillion (for 1 megabuck).

Adventure Capitalist Strategies 

Don’t Buy Too Much

The goal of Adventure Capitalist is to “purchase” businesses in order to increase your income. But you shouldn’t acquire too many companies. You ought to emphasize startup companies. For instance, the oil company is the most successful industry in “The Earth” Adventure. If you are spending all of your free time and money on lemon and newspaper enterprises that are outdated, stop!

Because you cannot benefit from these. After reaching level 100, it would be preferable to cease updating current companies and concentrate on opening new ones. As quickly as you can, try to unlock and upgrade the Oil Company.

Don’t Waste Your Gold

Several boosters are available in the Adventure Capitalist cheats game’s store area, and you may purchase them by paying for gold.

Spend no money on these boosters. Save gold, purchase mega tickets, and increase “Oil Company” revenue. If you are playing “The Moon,” then use the mega ticket to grow the area of your business where you are earning a lot of money.

Get Unlimited Free Gold

To receive free gold, hit the menu, then tap the question mark symbol on the left side of the screen.

Watch the video advertisement. accomplish the milestone levels. Join in on activities.
By completing every quest in the Earth adventure, you can receive up to 25 gold for free. With the help of this Adventure Capitalist tip, you may get the remaining gold:

At the upper left of the screen, click on your avatar (career). Click “connect” under the last option. Following them on Facebook and Twitter will allow you to instantly earn up to 20 gold from this section.

Best adventure capitalist strategy?

The best adventure capitalist strategy is to claim angels when you have enough. As soon as you have enough, claim them and sell them as soon as possible. This will ensure that you have more than enough money to invest in the next round of angels.

Adventure capitalist when to claim angels?

Angels are a type of currency in this game. You need them to upgrade your own buildings and your own employees’ buildings, so they are very important. If you want to get more angels, then you should try claiming them from other players who have beaten the game. You can also earn angels by playing games or watching ads on the website. However, if you don’t want to risk losing your angels, then it’s best not to do any of these things until later in the game when you have more money available.

How to win events in Adventure Capitalist?

There are a few ways to win events in Adventure Capitalist. The most obvious way is to buy the items from the store and use them as soon as you can. If you don’t have enough money for an item and don’t want to wait for it to be delivered, then there are other ways of winning events.

You can also get lucky at the casino by landing a jackpot or two. You can then use that money to buy the items that you need and win more events. This is a good strategy if your finances are tight but if they aren’t it may not be worth it as you won’t save any money doing this way.

Hope you find the above Adventure Capitalist Cheats, strategy and Guide helpful for yourself.

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