100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough

Protey Apps released the 100 Doors Challenge for mobile devices, a Hidden Objects, and a Single-player Puzzle game. With more than 100 difficult Doors to escape, the game is geared toward gamers who enjoy playing Hidden Object and Puzzle games. The 100 Doors Challenge walkthrough has shorter challenges to solve than other puzzle games and doesn’t require you to hunt down a bunch of hidden objects.

To solve the issue, merely locate one to five things. To make it simple for you to complete the 100 Doors Challenge, we put together a walkthrough.

Table of Contents

100 Doors Challenge Level 1

It’s simpler to pick up your cup of tea than to play the first Hidden Object game in the 100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough. By pressing the button on the door’s left side, you can proceed directly to the next level without doing anything further.

100 Doors Challenge Level 2

Once you get to the second level, your only fundamental objective is to move the carpet to the right and get the key to unlock the door so you can get to the third level.

100 Doors Challenge Level 3

The third level can be challenging, but we can assist you. A text message will display on the screen with a hint:

  1. Press the clock to return and get a piece.
  2. Hit the clock once again to return to the present, then use the scrap to unlock the doors.
  3. Reach the fourth room by leaving the third one.

100 Doors Challenge Level 4

The objective of level 4 is to open the box behind the character and grab and hold the lever until the number reaches 1. Currently, you are at level 4. As the door opens, proceed to level 5.

100 Doors Challenge Level 5

  • The door to the stunning chamber you’re in is rusted. Only one bottle needs a scotch to function. As a result, you need to search hard for scotch and use it with the bottle to remove the door’s rust so you can leave.
  • Open the lid, then enter the cellar to look for a scotch.
  • Come up and use the spray bottle you found in the room to combine the scotch and water.
  • Get out of the room by removing the rust.

100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough

100 Doors Challenge Level 6 

  • You are currently on level 6, where the game introduces something new. It conceals a key inside the skull that might not come out when you tap it. To find a solution, consider thinking beyond the box.
  • For the skull to fall from the door, shake your device.
  • Take the key and use it to open the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 7

  • Given that he is about to leave, this would be 
  • A cannon containing many balls are used in the game to shoot balls out the door.
  • Tilt your tablet and touch on it to control the pistol at the door.
  • Please pick up a ball, then put it in the cannon.
  • To smash the door, locate the hidden matchbox, burn the rope with it, and then wait for a blast to occur.

100 Doors Challenge Level 8

  • You appear to be in an antique setting where the game shows you the main door and the trapdoor. The nearest hammer can be picked up and added to your inventory at a later time.
  • Explore the basement to look for hidden items by opening the trapdoor.
  • Break the drum with the hammer to obtain a lever.
  • The lever must now be fixed to the wall to be pulled downward.
  • As you pull the lever, the front door will swing open.

100 Doors Challenge Level 9

  • Comparatively speaking to the previous levels, 100 Doors Challenge Level 9 can be challenging to finish. The “Go” indicator in the game directs you to move a few feet to the right.
  • To turn off the camera, take a wire cutter from a seat and cut the circuit’s wire next to the seats.
  • To unlock the doors and leave, press the elevator button.

100 Doors Challenge Level 10

  • A locker is situated close to the entryway, giving the impression that you are in a royal palace. To open it for escape, you require a passcode. It’s challenging to find a passcode.
  • You need to tap the clock to make it nighttime and then wait till a code appears on the floor to accomplish that.
  • Finish by tapping the clock, then input the code to unlock the door and go out.
  • You can use code 1567 to open the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 11

To escape, you must drag the locking bar up and out of the way.

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100 Doors Challenge Level 12

  • The box will launch into the air if you pull the lever.
  • Once the box is moved to the right side and the lever is lowered, the button will become green.
  • It is necessary to draw the lever once more to fly the box, move it to the left button, and then let it fall by pushing it again.
  • The door will open once the buttons on either side of the box become green.

100 Doors Challenge Level 13

  • Add the bucket and broom close to your inventory by gathering them.
  • Remember to put on the mask provided to you on the right of the cylinder.
  • Create a route to the door by freely sweeping the floor now.

100 Doors Challenge Level 14

  • Grab the broom from the left side of the room after finding a way to smash the pot.
  • Simply dragging the pot will cause it to crack. You can’t pick it up with bare hands because the pot’s parts will hurt you, but smashing it will expose a key you can use.
  • Then, after using the broom to tidy up the mess and grabbing the key to open the door, you may go.

100 Doors Challenge Level 15

  • Once you have the formula figured out, please return to the front door and use the passcode to unlock it by tapping the meter.
  • Your passcode to open the door is 261316.

100 Doors Challenge Level 16

  • To cut a piece of cheese, locate a knife.
  • Give the parrot some cheese, then get a key so you can open the door and get out.

100 Doors Challenge Level 17

  • Place the table aside so you can grab a bottle.
  • Keep the bottle in your possession on the table and take part in a quick game to figure out a chemical equation.
  • Keep S between four O and two H on corners to calculate the chemical equation.
  • You should put the prepared acid in the bottle, toss it against the door, and wait for it to melt.

100 Doors Challenge Level 18

  • Pick up a cassette from the room’s left side.
  • Pick up a piece of wire by going to the right side.
  • Use tape to seal the pairs and connect the component with both cables.
  • For the doors to open and a way out, press the button.

100 Doors Challenge Level 19

  • To make the drum fall, shake your phone.
  • You should pick up a machine you can link to the bolt opener.
  • There are two green buttons on the roof, so go there. To remove the button and the cover, use the bolt opener. You become aware that you are in the space as the cover is removed.
  • When the lid is taken off, gravity will be gone, and the box will begin to fly.
  • To open the door, take a key card from beneath the box and insert it into the circuit.

100 Doors Challenge Level 20

  • In the hazy room, gather wooden pieces and add them to your inventory.
  • Choose the wooden components from your list and place them in the fireplace.
  • Burn the wood with a match from the matchbox above the fireplace to melt the ice preventing the doors from opening.

100 Doors Challenge Level 21

You must adjust the four squares’ arrows to correspond to the right time. Each arrow’s numbers indicate what hour it is. 17=5 o’clock, 15=3 o’clock, 12=12, and 8=8 are the hours. The door will open after they are set to the correct time.

100 Doors Challenge Level 22

Using the blowtorch, sledgehammer, and box, obtain the explosives and detonator. Use the blowtorch to warm up the box, but try to keep it from moving around too much. Use the sledgehammer to remove the side panel. The explosives can then be heated with the blowtorch before being collected using the box.

A detonator is revealed by turning the package over. Place them on the door using the detonator and cord from your inventory. Then detonate it with the explosives.

100 Doors Challenge Level 23

When you touch the four parrots, they produce noise. The parrots will chirp sequentially if you feel the illuminated skull above the door. Correctly repeat the steps to unlock the door. 3 2 1 3 pauses in the order 2 4 2 1 3

100 Doors Challenge Level 24

These pillars are equipped with levers. Then stop them where they should be after moving them up and down. The door will open as soon as you do.

100 Doors Challenge Level 25

Grab a piece of paper and a CD from the desk drawer. Fill the printer with paper using the paper tray. Enter the number on the computer after that. You will show PASSWORD. You can unlock the door by entering that into the keypad by it.

100 Doors Challenge Level 26

You’re stuck in a bind. It would be best to take a magnifying glass and some explosives off the floor. You can open the door by placing the dynamite on it. Light the dynamite’s fuse with the aid of the magnifying lens. The door will then open, allowing you to continue.

100 Doors Challenge Level 27

Tap the antenna on the TV’s roof, move it around the room, and it will open the door. Numbers will show up on the screen as you move it. Find them all in that order, and then keep them in mind. Code: 4325 Open the door by punching the keypad’s code.

100 Doors Challenge Level 28

To smash the glass casing, tap on it. Grab the axe. To open the panel, whack the wooden ceiling with the axe. Shake your device to release a gun, then tap it to fire the door open.

100 Doors Challenge Level 29

Grab the rope that is on the ground. Use the barrel to the left to collect a magnet by moving it there. Use this tool on the floor grate after combining the rope and interest in your inventory to obtain a key. To open the door, use the key.

100 Doors Challenge Level 30

On the ground is a drumstick. Tap the gold gong three times, then tap the other gongs four, three, and five clockwise around them. The door will swing open.

100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough

100 Doors Challenge Level 31

On the wall, tap the green medical box. Grab a bottle of medications. To get some coins, tap the seat. Insert the coins into the coffee maker to obtain a cup of coffee. Combine the pills with coffee.

Give the guard some coffee or tablets when you cross back to the left. As he nods off, he takes the key card out of his pocket and swipes it on the left-hand card reader. Doors will swing open.

100 Doors Challenge Level 32

Uh-oh. You have a riddle to solve. The paintwork on the door’s left side is disorganized. To position, the pieces correctly, move them around. The door will open as soon as you do.

100 Doors Challenge Level 33

The table is covered with matches. A trash pail and cardboard boxes are also present. After stacking the cardboard boxes on top of the trash can and lighting it with matches, set the trash can on the desk. The doors will open as a result of you doing this, and the smoke detector will sound.

100 Doors Challenge Level 34

Four large items should be gathered and put inside a chest. A trap door will allow the chest to tumble through. To descend, press the trap door and a lever on the other wall. To unlock the door, climb back down.

100 Doors Challenge Level 35

A button is located on the wall. The button is covered in a series of colors. It would be best if you tapped the colored buttons on the floor in the same order. B, G, B, Y, G, B, Y, is the order.

100 Doors Challenge Level 36

The fishing net is to the right. Gather it. There is also the orange trash can. To reveal a hole in the floor, slide the circular cover to the right. To catch a fish, put the net over the hole. Create a puddle on the floor using the bucket of water. Utilize the aquatic life there. The robot will give various keys to you. To unlock the doors, use these keys.

100 Doors Challenge Level 37

Utilize the wire cutters to breach the fence.

100 Doors Challenge Level 38

Take a step toward the problem on the left wall—a matching puzzle like this one. Find matching image pairs, please. The doors will open once you have located every match.

100 Doors Challenge Level 39

There is a tiny chain in the aperture, and when you pull, the doors open. When you pull it down, the elevator will descend.

100 Doors Challenge Level 40

The torch should be lit atop the fireplace using the stick. Finally, light the fireplace using the fire. Scoop some powder from a bag and place it in the saucepan using the big spoon you have just picked up. To unlock a key, tap the pot. You can open the doors by using the key on them.

100 Doors Challenge Level 41

Then, stopping between each turn, turn the ship’s wheel in the directions indicated on the scroll to open the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 42

It would be best if you utilized mathematical equations to solve this puzzle. There is a Fibonacci sequence in the answer. These are the initial two figures: 0 and 1. When you add them up, you get 1. The following two integers, 1 and 2, are then added together to provide 3. so forth. 513 is the key to unlocking the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 43

Collectibles include the youngster and arrow on the right. Gather them both. Fire the left chain with the arrow. Combine your bow with another indicator you’ve collected. To open the door, shoot the other chain.

100 Doors Challenge Level 44

A big wrench is lying on the ground. Use the big nuts and remove the top metal bar. Nearby is a minor twist. Using it, you can take out the door’s lower metal bar. The cover is lowered by sliding it to the right and tapping it. Pushing the plant to the left will uncover another tiny wrench you can find here. Return to the door by taking this wrench.

100 Doors Challenge Level 45

It would be best if you pressed the buttons in a particular order in this door game to advance to the next level. It’s advised to start over and reload level 45 to start over if you get stuck at this point. The proper order is 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8.

100 Doors Challenge Level 46

Grab the axe head from the ground. Grab the handle after breaking the right glass with your axe. Include both of them in your inventory. You now possess an axe. The two wooden boards obstructing your exit from the chamber can be cut using this axe. You can get out the door as soon as the boards shatter.

100 Doors Challenge Level 47

To move the item toward the right panel, tap and drag it. It would be best if you avoided the room’s sweeping beams.

100 Doors Challenge Level 48

Go to your right. Gather the screwdriver as you proceed. Go back to the left and fix the door panel with the screwdriver. Unlock it. Get a crowbar by using it on the ceiling fan. The doors can be opened using the crowbar.

100 Doors Challenge Level 49

Tap the button that it is pointing to after pressing the green button (the top left one). Now click that button and then tap the bottom right one. Continue doing this until the vital switch unlocks the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 50

To solve the left-hand puzzle, tap it. When you’re ready to start, tap any square. Next, choose a direction, and use that point as your starting point to fill in the green squares. The problem must be finished by coloring in every black square. Solution: Beginning with the second row’s center square, tap it (between the two single red lights). Select right, down, left, down, left, up, down, or any combination.

100 Challenge Level 51 – 60

51 – observe how the shadows are placed in the left square and draw one on the door in a manner like that; after clicking on it, click on the flower next to the entrance;

52: Type 7433 into the box;

53. Arrange the colors in the square: blue, blue, green, bright green, and yellow;

54. Build the problem using straight lines such that they contact the figure in the 54th position;

55. Click on the totem fifty-five times.

56. spin the wheel on 56 till the result is 15;

57. Gather the ingredients in a dish and place the bottle on a tray at stage 57;

58 – Attach the orbs to the totems’ edges. Dark green, brown, green, light brown, and burgundy are displayed from top to bottom on the right side;

59: Put the ingredients in a dish and place the bottle on a tray;

60. At level 60, you must locate two signs that are the same.

100 Challenge Level 61 – 70

61. play the drums in the same pattern as the plants are hanging;

62. slit the door at the 62nd step using a knife from the bag;

63 – Gather the items in the following order: on the plant, in the top left locks, and in the right drawer next to the door. Using the spoon, combine the cauldron’s contents to uncover the last puzzle piece;

64 – Type the digits 4235;

65; Take the cauldron with a poker, and shatter it on the ground in step 65;

66: Type 37810 into the box;

67: After filling with liquid, shift the barrel to the side while fastening the lid and inserting the cork;

68. Point the pen at the security officer and open the lock three times up and down. Cut the red fruit off with a knife at the 70th, choose the puzzle, and point it at the entrance. Locate the additional goodies in the top chest by pulling the golden lever to the left. Down, down, down, and back down;

69. Plant flowers everywhere when you’re 69.

70. Cut the red fruit off with a knife at the 70th, choose the puzzle, and point it at the entrance. Locate the additional goodies in the top chest by pulling the golden lever to the left.

100 Challenge Level 71 – 80

71 – turn toward W N S E

72. Seventy seconds later, click the sword to unlock the chest, take the egg, and smash it.

73. Move the cabinet in different ways.

74. Move the following plates: Schnapp, Schnapp, Schnurr, and Baselurre for seventy-four.

75 – Use a wand to dust off the area above the entrance so that the hieroglyphs are pink.

76: Cut the tarp, then cut the box using a saw.

77. Gather wizards of the same color, the seventy-seventh command.

78 – Enter 5103

79: Remove the moon, unlock the lock, and remove the moon;

80 – Open the left and top drawers and gather the key’s components.

100 Challenge Level 81 – 90

81 and 82 include entering code 1440 and clicking on a circle, a grey square, a square with straight lines and rounded corners, and a tiny triangle.

83 – Assemble the top gears; twist the valve to access the left-side fallen-off equipment.

84 – Enter 745948;

85: Move the stone behind the screen, nudge the chest to the right, then press the red button;

86: Click the button, slide the numbers around till the blue shade appears, then enter 715 by clicking the grid on the right side of the screen.

87: Press the TV button repeatedly until an image of a lock being unlocked appears, then click on the left side of the screen. Return to the TV and wait until the picture with the horizontal lines appears after pressing the button.

88: Select the boxes based on the combinations;

89; Gather the letters Lock and Open at position 89;

90: arrange the lights to form a single horizontal strip. The wheels can adjust the speed; the ideal pairing is 5 and 2.

100 Challenge Level 91 – 100

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Launching with fantastic gameplay and intriguing challenges to conquer is the 100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough. It doesn’t offer challenging gameplay like other classic Hidden Object games. The puzzles are enjoyable to tackle and relatively easy.

When finding concealed objects, you don’t need much effort. The unknown only requires two to three things to be located, though occasionally, You can identify only one item. The excellent graphics, intuitive controls, and soothing soundtrack keep you interested until you reach the last level.

The 100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough will continue to receive frequent updates as additional levels are added.

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